Our Story

As an Italian Immigrant in Toronto, Founder Benito Linardi quickly learned the art of butchery working in a small butcher shop on College Street.

In October 1970 Benito along with his family opened Macelleria Potenza now known as Potenza Meats. Since then the Potenza family has ensured a memorable meal for all occasions. Our customers can continuously count on Potenza for top quality meat, imported cheeses, dry cured products and specialty grocery.

Potenza offers a wide selection of locally sourced meats, from our mennonite farmers that focus on naturally raised animals and ensuring an ethically raising process. 

Potenza Meats now on its third generation has a customer centric focus, consistent quality, hard work and determination. Potenza has become a place where people go to for exceptional products, service and a cheerful atmosphere. With over 53 years in business it has a large part to do with their highly skilled team, competitive pricing and industry knowledge.