About Us

Potenza Meats
Since 1970 Potenza Meats has ensured a memorable meal for all occasions to share with everyone. The butcher’s service counter is the perfect place to start for a specialty meal for a celebration or a speedy and effortless meal for a weeknight. Potenza offers a wide selection of high quality meats, focusing on suppliers of naturally raised animals ensuring an ethical raising process. We focus on reasonably priced products that are hormone and antibiotic free. All of our products are from the heart land of Ontario and all our suppliers are owners and operators of small family businesses. For your convenience, we also offer many authentic Italian prepared meals that can be served quickly and easily at home. We are now offering FREE LOCAL DELIVERY AND CURBSIDE PICKUP!
Potenza Meats was founded in 1970. Through a customer centric focus, hard work and determination, Potenza has become a place where people go to for exceptional service, quality, and a cheerful atmosphere. Potenza has built a reputation on delivering quality goods and offering many traditional Italian products, such as their dry cured product assortment. 50 years in business has a large part to do with their great customers and their highly skilled team and knowledge. FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED.