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The Run down
Macelleria Potenza has built quite a reputation for their sausage and burgers. Although that are simple in flavour mild or spicy sausage, they never lack flavour. A large secret about the success and high quality of the sausage is the care that goes into the product. Our sausage is made with 100% New York pork shoulders only from Ontario. (New York means they are highest in quality, regular is cheaper and lower in quality)

The Supplier
A small slaughter house located in Arthur Ontario provides Macelleria Potenza with all their Pork. They deliver Monday to Friday and process the pork 3 days a week so their pork is always fresh. Over the past decades this longstanding relationship has allowed for our product to be superior to others. Many workers know Macelleria Potenza staff personally and select the highest quality pork from a line of 1000's of pigs. With this being said all pork belly and side ribs are actually reasonably lean (Check it out).

The Process
Our Raw Material is the perfect starting point to ensure a perfect finished product however a New York pork shoulder consists of a lot of material that would not be a pleasant eating experience if it was grounded as so. There are several nerves, tendons, and blood spots on the shoulder, these are found all over the shoulder and without a keen eye and lots of pride and care for your product they will never totally be removed. Our sausage meat is prepared by 2 butchers only! 4 hands! These are our head butchers and have gone through extensive training. They ensure that the product is 100% free of any blood, nerves, tendons bones, and unnecessary fat. After the boning process there is an inspection of the meat, following this it is ground up. Once weight our spices are added

The Spices
Our Salt has been changed in 1999 we changed to a minimal processed sea salt. This salt costs 35% more however is part of Potenza's mission to provide its clients with the best overall quality. These costs have not been passed over to their customers in order to ensure value. With this being said there are no preservatives in our sausage we make it 5 days a week it is always fresh ensuring a good taste!Our PorkIs 100% registered Ontario pork it is free of all hormones and antibiotics!Come and enjoy our fresh homemade sausage!

**If our clients desire different sausage recipes such as fennel or honey garlic we are happy to accommodate them through a consultation**

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