Sodium phosphate Free, Nitrate free Guaranteed

Macelleria Potenza Potenza meats

In the past 3 years of my life I have made a total commitment to the Grocery industry. I have learned a lot of information that I wish to share. The largest misconception I have come to understand is the ingredients and labeling. Many consumers may not fully understand the price verse weight verse ingredients. The CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) along with other originations are slowly trying to improve the labeling of our ingredients and products.
               The most important issue I wanted to discuss today was sodium phosphate. When Prices seem to be very reasonable it may be a sale however there may also be a possibility that you are just paying for products with excessive water weight. Products Labeled Seasoned falls under this category. Products with the ingredients sodium phosphate can retain and hold a high level of water which will cause shrinkage during the cooking stage. The significance: you are paying for this water weight!
               When meeting with a lady with over 20 years experience within a food wholesaler, she explained that 3 oz chicken breast once tumbled and fixed with ingredients became 6 oz chicken breast. A 50% off Sale may be better understood when knowing this.
                I encourage ever person to ask their local butchers about the products and how they were raised, the supply chain and logistics included in raising the animal and the delivery dates. Many local shops like Potenza should have 5-6 days a week of fresh supply, many larger stores strive for fewer deliveries to set of transportation, labour, and buying power costs. Question ingredients and understand each once it may be the difference between a glasses being half full or half empty...water that is.

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